Shared Front Office

Shared Front Office

We offer a full array of Live Receptionist Services, Web Chat, Social Media Link, and Call from Web page to businesses Large and Small; but it doesn't stop there!

Our Shared Front Office Services are created for those who mainly operate with very little logistical aid behind the scenes and cant rationalize the cost of a Support Team to put behind them.

A full time assistant or secretary as a direct employee of your company comes with plenty of hurtles; the largest of which is asking yourself, "Can I afford to employ someone full time?" If the cost is even partly a concern the answer to that question is likely "No"

With Shared Front Office you will never have to ask that question! Our Service will grow right along with you!

  • NO long term commitments

  • USA Company

  • Pay ONLY for the Services you use

  • Add or remove services as needed.



Never Underestimate the ingenuity of the Squirrel!



Thinking that you are already too big to share a service?

We have you covered there too!

  • Full Cloud Based Communication Systems
  • Web Chat integrations
  • Inbound Call Center Systems
  • Video meeting and Lecture
  • Multi member Conference Calling
  • Service and Product Support
  • AI Bot Operator
  • Advanced Call Routing
  • Transfer to Mobile Device
  • 24/7 Dispatching/On Call Messaging Services

Tell us what you need HERE and we will make a service just for you

Squirrel & Co NEVER sets a limit to what we will do for you, so in short if there is a service you wish us to provide to your business, please, do ask!


Why Shared Front Office?


As a Small Business you need to focus on your clients without the distractions and interruptions of your company's day-to-day General Communications. 

Let Squirrel & Co keep your Data organized and readily available at your fingertips; leaving it waiting for you to utilize anytime.

We offer our Shared Front Office service to fit any small or large business; whether you are a One Person Company that wants the appearance  a multi-national company or you already are a robust business and need to expand your Office Service Hours or Abilities.

Plans are tailored to each of our Clients needs to be sure that you receive the services that you will need and do not pay for those you will never use.

Contact Us Today to find the Services that will fit your Business.

Live & Automated Telephone Solutions

Our operators use the most advanced cloud based telephone systems available in the industry to solve your Business Communication needs. Large or Small We have something that will fit you.

Our Shared Reception Service for Small Business is perfect for companies with a lower call volume and offers:

      • OneRing Automated Answer
      • Live Operator
      • Client Scheduling via Cloud 
      • Transfer calls to ANY existing mobile or land line**
      • Collect Client Information for New Service or Purchase Requests
      • After hours Contact via SMS, Email or Voice 
      • Payment Portal
      • Lead Generation
      • Contact Colection

Unlimited Additional Features...

    • Personalized Toll-Free, International and Local Numbers available
    • Dedicated Company Number
    • Number Porting
    • Multiple incoming Lines
    • External Call Routing
    • Scheduled Hours to Ring
    • After Hours Support & Dispatching via Email, SMS & More
    • Product Support
    • Directory Trees with Transfer to Extension**
    • 24/7 Live Operator Assistance
    • Customer Support Center
    • Hold Music & Hold Advertising
    • Sub-Domain for Client Information and File Submission, Blog Posts and more

We are also available operate most Cloud Based Client Software Services that are already integrated into your business' daily operations. Ask us today to see how we can help with yours!

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**Subject to change based on carrier's availability of operation in the chosen areas of operation; Regular avalibilities are normally estimated as: 86+ and Continental USA with possibilities of restrictions to AK & HI extending to include trade restrictions. THIS INFORMATION WILL ALL BE DISCLOSED through out your quote, based on the needs of your situation We do not have hidden fees, however World communications may change between site updates


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