If English not your first language, but you want to boost your sales numbers in the USA; Squirrel & Co has you taken care of!

Join our ESL (English as a Second Language) Advertising Program and we will adapt your Ads to be highly consumed by NEW American customers.

It is a proven fact; that if the advertisements' language is broken or difficult to understand your customer WILL MOVE ON!

With our ESL Services your customer will STOP and BUY from YOU!

What we do: (by Squirrel & Co Ltd) specializes in adapting your marketing campaign, product and/or business specifically to your English Speaking( North American) Clients.

Translator Apps are great, but the accuracy of the correct wording can come across confusing and jumbled to the reader.

This is where we come in!

Our focus at is to review the initial translation of your advertisement and make the changes that translation software will never be able to do; write including American Slang and 'Idioisms'. will edit the text and layout of your translated advertisement and offer the necessary corrections to the wording so that your point gets across in your client's native tongue.

BUT WAIT! There is no limit to how can help you, YOU tell us what you need!

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