Event Services

Event Services

Squirrel & Co. Ltd.



Let us take the stress out of your next event!

Let Squirrel and Co take care of your next Cooperate or Private Event.

We offer a full array of Event Services for Consumers as well as Government and Corporate Forward and Field Camps for any occasion.

  • Private Events
    • Weddings
    • Birthdays
    • Anniversaries & MORE!
  •  Corporate Events
    • Retirement Celebrations
    • Holiday Parties
    • Trade Shows
    • Promotional Events & MORE!!
  • Advanced Forward Camp Facilities
    • FULL Communications Logistics
    • All-Season Mobile Housing and office modules
    • Large Event Tents, Bunking Tents, and Dome Tent Configurations
    • Power Generation and Distribution
    • Local Permitting and Licensure
    • Food Service, Secure Pantry, Mobile Refrigeration & MORE!
    • Mobile Fueling Services (Including Off-Road, Aviation and Special Order Petroleum, lubricant and Solvents; Including Storage)

From Logistical Aid to the FULL Setup and Operational Logistics throughout your Operations.

We will make field work YOUR vacation

Let us know how we can help today!

NEVER Underestimate the Ingenuity of the SQUIRREL!